The Sweel is an up to date version of the classic, historical stick and wheel (or hoop) toy. Familiar to many generations and cultures, the concept of the Sweel arose with the invention of the wheel. Children of generations before ours used a stick to maneuver a rolling wheel in a successful attempt to create joyous play. This homemade toy became so popular and widespread, that children started utilizing anything that rolled in substitution for the wheel. Generation after generation of children created exciting play with their version of the wheel and stick toy. It didn't matter from what part of the world they came from, those children learned to make that wheel, or in some cases hoop or hubcap, swirl, flip, spin, roll, bounce and slide. Inventor of the Sweel, Jasper Harding, was one of those kids.

discover new ways of having fun! Jasper Harding remembers having hours of fun with a bicycle wheel and a stick with a built in hook. He used his memories as a child and his imagination and vision as an adult to transform this version of child's play into a contemporary, high tech, a low maintenance wheel toy and game. Jasper wasn't the first inventor to grasp this concept and try to reconstruct this extraordinary historical toy. Still popular in many countries today, the wheel and stick toy has for many years gone through attempted modern amelioration. By the international interest that the Sweel has acquired from many countries including Japan, Germany, and China, Jasper, so it seems, has epitomized the homemade toy that has and still continues to pleasure the youth of the world.

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