New Toy Enhances Coordination Skills While Providing Fun

Imagine a low maintenance toy for children, that is beneficial in developing motor skills, is entertaining, and requires no batteries. The Sweel (, recently introduced by Immuel Toys LLC, possesses all of these qualities and more.

The Sweel’s goal is to produce safe stimulating fun, while heightening coordination skills. Imagination and creativity play important roles when handling this toy. Hand-eye coordination makes the Sweel "dance," while enhancing the maneuvering and balancing abilities. Whether this new creation for children 8-up is played with individually or in a group as a toy, or in a family setting as a game, the Sweel can be effective in developing important motor skills.

The Sweel consists of a long handled stick and a coordinating wheel. Both brightly colored components are made of sturdy, lightweight plastic. The stick is used to strategically roll and manipulate the wheel in various ways. With practice, users are rewarded with the pleasure of mastering documented moves such as the "Headlock" or "Dig It", or creating their own. President of Immuel Toys LLC, Jasper Harding, describes the toy as "a modern version of one of the oldest known toys that has amused and creatively challenged children and adults all over the world."

"It is intuitively obvious what the Sweel does; what’s not so obvious is how much it does," says Jasper. In addition to creating a modern version of his favorite childhood toy, Jasper designed a web site to assist users in their quest to be a Sweel pro. "Since the web site opened we’ve acquired local and international interest from places including Europe, Asia, and Egypt," he comments, "our goal is to provide alternative family entertainment all over the world."

For additional information and various Sweel moves, explore Ordering can also be accomplished from the web site or by writing Immuel Toys LLC, P.O. Box 560546, Dept. ___, Charlotte, NC 28256. For a free brochure call, toll free, 1-800-870-6903.

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