He is an enigma.

Thorndike/Barnhart defines enigma as a baffling or puzzling problem, situation, person, etc.  wheel toy and game What do you think a young boy is made of who endures a journey from the developing Jamaican countryside to the complexities of Toronto, Canada without having learned how to read for the first 15 years of his life? How on earth do you think he went from being a classmate of special education and retarded children to being a highly respected software engineer with a Computer Science degree from Toronto's Ryerson Polytechnic University? Who would have thought that his recipe for invention would include poverty, a superior educational background, swimming instruction to giggling little people, and a vivid memory of childhood? Baffled? Well, you can stop scratching you head now. Given his start and his accomplishments, it is no mystery that Jasper is the embodiment of perseverance and personal triumph. You see, Jasper travels on a path of an amazingly auspicious design and even we can't keep up. All that we can do is be entertained and content with eating his dust. And these errant bits of info? Well, they are just a consolation, just a few of the jewels that we had time to gather on the road before the next accomplishment came along. If you haven't figured it out yet, Jasper Harding is the stuff that legends are made of (or at least Hollywood movies). He's smart, he's innovative, he's way too young to mention, and he's got a handle on something that just seems to elude the rest of us mere mortals. No, were not saying that Jasper is Superman, come on give us a break. Jasper dresses much better! What else would you expect from the guy who has created the toy that is as smart as a Rubiks Cube and as exciting as the rollerblade? What else would you expect from the person who has changed the way that kids from 8 to 88 years old have fun?

What else would you expect from the inventor of the, new wheel toy and game, Sweel?

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